malicious acting, part 1: intro to fash dishonesty

what’s up comrades welcome to this four-part thing where i’m gonna talk about times fascists misrepresent themselves to serve their purposes. today is the intro part where i blab briefly about the ‘whys’ of it all

to achieve their goals, fascists won’t just use glossy blogs and respectable business suits, they will dip into slimier propaganda and infiltration efforts

what are the immediate purposes of fash dishonesty?

  • to propagate disinformation
  • to find more targets
  • to sow doubt, infighting, mistrust
  • to get you thrown in jail
  • to turn the public opinion against you
  • to waste your time
  • to cow you into silence

what are the distant purposes of fash dishonesty?

  • to crush you

these are many of the same goals of real spy agencies employed by states. psychologically, fash think a lot like spies

you will be better equipped to deal with sabotage tactics against the left if you read about espionage, especially CIA efforts to undermine communist and socialist groups in the 20th century (even if you are neither). read rightists’ reports of their attempts to infiltrate leftist groups. learn their vocabulary and behavior so you can see through coded language. it’s important for you to be aware of these things if you want to shine a light on fascists’ activities

stay tuned for part two, which is about when fash put a marginalized face to promote oppression against the marginalized