Link Collection

here is my collection of articles i did not write plus a small representative excerpt. i make no guarantee these will be free from liberalism, brainless pro-putin bullshit, or wimpy centrism. i don’t condone any of that, but i do condone the propagation of valuable info/criticism/analysis

last update: feb 27 2017

How to Persuade a Trump Supporter to Reject and Resist Trumpism — “…the loss of rhetorical skill and virtue has partly contributed to the present political hellscape that now engulfs us.”

The Rich Kids of Fascism — “The Alt-Right is an upper middle class package of ‘activism’ that already makes sense to the media: legalistic, seemingly following the rules, cleancut, articulate, male, and of course: totally white. Finally a social movement that was made for air time!”

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Radicalization of Whites? — “Where a man named Barry Goldwater campaigned as a blatant white supremacist and failed, Donald Trump did the same and succeeded.  Nazis think they can wear suits and nice haircuts and do Nazi salutes downtown Washington D.C.”

White Rose – Leaflet 2 — “The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals; they give them the opportunity to carry on their depredations; and of course they do so.”

A popular front of the right? — “…we should start looking at the Trump administration as a popular front of nearly every segment of the right-wing.”

The Long History of “Nazi Punching” — “The return of the war between fascists and anti-fascists is another expression of our current political atavism.”

Strangers and Enemies — “Strangers in Their Own Land elicits sympathy for white workers but fails to identify the class forces responsible for their plight.”

Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflakes — “The corollary to ‘strong woman’ is not ‘weak woman’; it’s just ‘woman.’ In the same way, the corollary to ‘weak man’ is simply ‘man’—this sort of strength, the strength that comes from emotional castration, the strength to suffer in silence until you snap, to always punch down, never out—that strength is assumed to be intrinsic to masculinity.”

We Are Being Cornered — “The rulers corner the individual with fear and panic, with ever-changing agendas, with unending repetition, with media that only serves to manipulate, with gentrification and demolition, with the illusion of democracy, and with the meaninglessness of truth.”

Donald Trump, the “Alt-Right” and Fascism — “…while neither Trump nor Bannon are fascists, actual fascists are crawling out of their holes and looking forward to the Trump years.”